Indoor Position System 

Lone Worker Protection


Project Bluesec is a I.p.s.

(Indoor Position System) is a real-time locating system (RTLS) designed to unobtrusively locate active Bluetooth/Wi-Fi/BLE devices throughout an area of interest (a "site”).


How it works

We put a set of Bluetooth/Wi-Fi/BLE antenna or receiving devices on the areas to trace and another one at the site entrance.

Indoor Location Service

real-time locating system (RTLS).

Indoor Map

Local Map your building or Cloud Map

Lone Worker Protection

Lone Worker Protection App for Android.


What does it meet ?

Locate active Bluetooth/Wi-Fi devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops. Facility detect devices, locating them by triangulating the radio signals they transmit. It enables applications such as estimating the number of visitors to a site, historically tracking devices' movements, or triggering actions such as alerts, when a device enters or exits a specific area. The presence is collect by the system and the data is stored in the database. Instead of wasting precious time in case of accident or serious danger, the security staff can check in real time the presence of the personnel in the chosen areas and evaluate the timing for a possible evacuation.